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About Quilt Commissions

I love making commission quilts. I enjoy helping clients bring the quilts in their imaginations to life.

Most of the commission quilts I make are Celebration Quilts. Also known as memory quilts or tribute quilts, these quilts celebrate events, trips, or most often the lives of a lost loved one. Clients bring me clothing, pictures, artifacts -- anything that reminds them of the subject of their quilt -- and I design a quilt to capture the memories and to celebrate the event or life.

If you are thinking about a celebration quilt, I'd love to talk with you about your ideas and how we might work together.

To see a few of the Celebration Quilts I have created for others, click here.

If you would like to know more about Celebration Quilts or you are a quilter considering how to make your own Celebration Quilt, here's a link to the page about my book, Creating Celebration Quilts. In it, I explain the process I follow, highlight a few Celebration Quilts with their own chapters, and provide a gallery of Celebration Quilts, including quilts made by other quilters.

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