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I love speaking with quilters and artists. I like to share what I've learned and tell the stories behind the quilts. I especially enjoy highlighting tips and tricks that can be immediately implemented by beginners and experts alike. Contact me so that we can discuss what would work for your group.

Cyndi SouderCreating Celebration Quilts
In this lecture, I'll share the secrets to creating personal, meaningful celebration quilts. Using traditional patterns or original designs, you can create unique, effective memory quilts. Everyone leaves with at least one idea they can use right away. This lecture coordinates nicely with my book, Creating Celebration Quilts, and my workshop, "Design Your Own Memory Quilt."

Lessons Learned
This lecture could easily be called "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly."  In this lecture and trunk show, I'll talk through the lessons I've learned in over thirty years of quilting.  Using my own quilts to illustrate the lessons, I'll address universal topics like respecting the bias, knowing when scrappy is too scrappy, creating original designs, and letting the fabric do the work.

It's Okay to Write on Your Quilt
Why should all the words on your quilt be confined to the label? In this lecture, we'll explore how to add words to your quilts by using your sewing machine, paint, ink, and beads. Go on! It's okay to write on your quilt!

Overcoming Quilter's Block: Jumpstart Your Creativity
Where do quilt ideas come from? Actually, they're all around you. In this lecture, I'll show some of my own quilts and talk about where the ideas came from. I'll also share some tricks and tips to jumpstart your creativity. The only problem you'll have is deciding what to try first!

Digital Photography for Quilters
Taking digital photographs can be intimidating! This lecture will demystify the vocabulary and provide tips for instantly improving your digital quilt pictures. Topics include file size, file types, lighting, and more.

The Anatomy of a Commission
In this PowerPoint presentation, I'll walk you through the entire commission process from initial meeting to installation.  I'll go into detail on one commission and share the highlights from a few others. This lecture would be most appropriate for groups of quilt professionals.

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