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About Me

Cyndi ZacheisFrom vision to reality, everything about the quilt process engages me: the initial flash of inspiration, the fabric choices, the design decisions, and especially the quilting. I love the process. 

I like to stamp and layer my own fabric to use as backgrounds and I like to incorporate silks where I can.  I also like to work with texture and embellishments, using beads, old clock parts, and trinkets from the home center.  I prefer to let the piece tell me what it needs and then I do my best to live up to its expectations.

Most often, I make quilts in response to challenges or commissions where I have to conform to a theme, a set of rules, a client’s desires.  When my schedule allows, I work with ideas and techniques that make my heart sing.  I love structure – trees, buildings, standing stones.  I incorporate words wherever I can and I revel in their graphic nature. 

I am a Juried Artist Member of Studio Art Quilt Associates and an Ambassador for BERNINA. I have taught and lectured nationally for quilt guilds, quilt retreats, and quilt shows. I teach at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia, and at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

I live in Northern Virginia where I spend my days as a human resources communicator.

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